Capture cross-channel feedback for optimal user experience

I Give My Opinion is totally in the day of the users and communicate the notices becomes a reflex


Boost your online conversion rate with our customer voice program

Improve the conversion rate of my e-commerce with certified customer reviews to complement its efforts in natural referencing. Gain visibility on search engines by creating quality content: verified consumer notices


Continuous improvement of your offer thanks to Feedback

Continuous improvement of the offer thanks to the virtuous circle of feedbacks: turning into an agile company thanks to the voice of the users and letting it know to boost your sales.


More visitors, more confident = more customers


By showing your dedication and listening image …


+ 20% over 5 years*  (McKinsey)


Publish the best reviews on your website and fan pages

The ultimate digital & cross channel customer voice Solution

i Feedback Now is the ultimate solution to collect, analyse and communicate your customers’ voice across all your communication or sell channels. We provide your company with a quick to implement solution to maximise your customers happiness, at anytime within their customer journey.
i FeedBack Now is your trusted third party to boost your e-reputation and support your SEO strategy by enabling the best ever transformation return on line.

I Feedback now is undoubtedly the most innovating and agile cross channel solution up to:

  • Assess your customer satisfaction and take into account any customer comment as to improve continously your customer satisfaction, ..

brand- reputation create a virtuous loop of continuous improvement

  • Interact cross channel with your customers , create intimacy and fidelity
  • Boost your e-reputation, increase your e-commerce or drive to store thanks to certified customers’ advice thru our i FeedBack Now Solution on all your digital channels , web pages, social networks and widgets.
  • Transform your company into an agile customer centric one, embedded  into all your management and operational tools. I FeedBack Now real time solutions provide you with a customer centric virtuous loop engine as to optimise all your customer satisfaction, customer service , brand recognition programs.
  • Artificial intelligence technology of i Feedback now will assign and track actions automatically for you based on your customers expectations

Our vision is based upon collaborative marketing crowed by your customers, transforming your customers into your best Brand ambassadors towards your prospects !

Our customer voice programs are available and in place for companies of various size and activity sector.

The Feedback Institute editing i Feedback now solution started in 2013 . Our ambition is to transform our customers’ customer experience into value with our AI based feedback loop solution.

Measuring your customer satisfaction real time, optimizing  your users’ experience, following-up customers projects achieved by your teams, boosting  your e reputation, we have the right solution !

I Feedback Now ! Trusted third party Commitments :

I feedback Now solution enables your Cie to catch and interact with  customers and prospects feedback at anytime within their purchasing journey whatever channel they are using.

  • Optimise customer insights
  • Capture best pratices to deploy
  • Identify improvement points
  • Create intimacy with customers and users
  • Assign automatically actions to your staff or service providers

Thats i FeedBack Now vision and our solution aims  to provide you with optimised customers or prospects’ feedbacks.

My feed back now commits to :

  • Insuring a total confidentiality on contributors’ personal data
  • Securing all your customers Data complying with GDPR  UE legal frames
  • Never transfering any data we may host to any other cie
  • Keeping Your Brand as the exclusive recipient of data we may collect

In its communication on the site of the brands i Feedback Now will ensure in particular that the notices are coming from various clients, will put forward the notices whose contributor is identifiable.

Moreover, I Feedback Now will comply with the recommendation on consumers reviews to ensure its respect

Finally I Feedback Now will ensure that any communication made on its behalf includes the actual data that will have been collected.

I Feedback Now  will have an independent firm audit its processing systems to ensure compliance with these rules as well as the application of the recommendations from GDPR .

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Continuous improvement of your offer thanks to feedback

Continuous improvement of the offer thanks to the virtuous circle of feedbacks: turning into an agile company …

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