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Can Companies Still Appeal To Young People?
Businesses, and SMEs, are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit, that is a fact. How to explain it? Why don’t young people fight for a job anymore?

Driving Customer Satisfaction In 3 Simple Indicators
What Is Client Satisfaction? Customer satisfaction is generally seen as the mainstay of loyalty. It can be measured in two ways. First in qualitative mode, with

The Idea Box, An Old-School Indicator?
“I don’t know if I was particularly smart, but I know I was passionately curious,” Albert Einstein said. The idea box is an old concept, of

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EXCEN notaries

EXCEN notaries is one of the most important notarial agencies in France. They chose us and saw concrete and rapid results! 

A collaboration all about e-reputation

I Feedback Now has allowed EXCEN notaries to transform and evolve with digital! And the results are there… A very good online reputation Loyal customers! Revenue set to rise

  • A very good online reputation
  • Loyal customers
  • Revenues set to rise
We operate worldwide.

Our software, i Feedback Now is available in various languages, including : English, French, Chinese, Italian, Cambodgian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Arabic.