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Intégration de Je Donne Mon Avis

I Feedback Now solutions are designed to integrate easily and quickly into your Information System to enable a systematic and automatic collection of reviews. But also to be able to reintegrate the information received in a CRM, ERP or HRSI.

The most used applications with our solution

The most common applications used to integrate notice collection and satisfaction survey APIs are primarily:

  • CRM
  • ERPs
  • HR software
  • Billing software
  • Appointment management applications
  • Loyalty card management software
  • Cashing in

You have two options

To synchronize your customer files and the I Feedback Now solution...

Contact information files sent by FTP

The collection of customer/patient/collaborator reviews is then done following the automatic and daily sending of these files.

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Automation of customer review collection via API

You set up your mailing campaign on our customer space, and insert the I Feedback Now API into your software, which will automatically make the mailings.

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This way, you can :

- See notices/surveys received from your company - Insert contacts into the I Feedback Now database - Solicit your users with our email and SMS solutions.

What We DO

Our SDK for mobile apps

Available on:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • HTML5

The I Feedback Now module (SDK) can be integrated into your company’s applications and is adaptable to your chart.

Numerous opportunities

The customer feedback SDK allows you to trigger a review collect by:

We operate worldwide.

Our software, i Feedback Now is available in various languages, including : English, French, Chinese, Italian, Cambodgian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Arabic.